Ready To Game

19 Key rollover and 11 multimedia hotkeys can execute your commands and simultaneous key stroke register the way you intended

R7 Color Illuminated Backlighting

The ARES 7 Color Essential gaming keyboard features 7 color back lighting in your choice of Green /Blue /Red /Cyan /Purple /Yellow /White or Off, 3 brightness to match gamers needs!

Ultimate 4-Layer Structure Membrane Keyboard

The Ares 7 Color Essentials Keyboard comes with 4-Layer Structure.

The Traditional backlit membrane keyboard has only 3-layer structures. ARES adds one more layer of board to enhance the robustness.

Advance Optical Gaming Sensor

The Erebos LE Optical features a 3200 DPI optical gaming sensor with upgraded tracking and pixel perfect accuracy.



Compact Design

The Erebos LE Optical features 7 colors /Blue /Red /Cyan /Purple /Yellow /White, 6 keys and a 5 million click lifecycle.





“Essentially Required.”

Ares 7 color Essentials combo contains Ares 7 Color Essential membrane gaming keyboard and Erebos LE Optical mouse. Gamdias 7 color keyboard and well-featured mouse brings color to your gaming life.


  • 4 Layer Structure (Membrane)
  • 7-Color illuminated backlit
  • Anti-ghosting with 19-key rollover
  • New Sculpted Keys
  • 11 Multimedia Hotkeys Mouse
  • 3200 DPI
  • 5 million life cycle
Specifications - ARES 7 COLOR ESSENTIAL
Dimension 477 x 185 29.5 mm
Weight 907.4g
Built-in Memory 16KB
Polling Rate 125Hz
Multimedia Keys 11
Switch Lifecycle 10 Million
Backlit 7 Colors
N-Key Rollover Yes, 19-Key rollover
Windows Key Disable Yes
All-Keys Lock Yes
Cable Length 1.5cm
Graphical UI No
Interface USB
WASD & Arrow Keys Change Yes
Consecutive Attack Mode Yes
Model No. GKB6001
Specifications - EREBOS LE OPTICAL


Tracking Method Advance Gaming Optical Sensor
Dimension 118.7 x 62.38 x 37.8 mm
Weight 95g
Resolution 800/ 1200/ 2000/ 3200 (Default 1200)
Polling Rate 125hz
Built-in Memory NA
Weight System No
Swith Lifecycle 5 Million
USB Cable Length 1.5m
Graphical UI NA
Mouse Feet Teflon
Model No. GMS 7309